Healthy Roots Collaborative

The Healthy Roots Collaborative is a regional food systems program supporting the growers, producers, and consumers in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties that envisions a healthy Northwest Vermont with communities rooted in a strong agricultural economy with thriving farms, where all are connected to and nourished by local farms and food.  Started in 2013 as a collaboration between FCIDC, Northwest Regional Planning Commission, and the Franklin County Workforce Investment Board, Healthy Roots provides programs and services for both consumers and producers in the Northwest Corner of Vermont that focus on food education, access and infrastructure. More recently Northwestern Medical Center joined the collaboration through funding while housing staff members.  Beginning in the Fall of 2019 Healthy Roots will be supported with office space, fiscal support and grant oversite by FCIDC, Northwest Regional Planning Commission and South Hero Land Trust

Northwest Vermont Grown – A Guide to Local Farms and Food in Grand Isle and Franklin Counties

St Albans City VT Action Plan Report – Local Foods, Local Places Visioning Report which was supported the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Northern Border Regional Commission

Website: Healthy Roots Collaborative


STEM Challenge Initiative

The organization previously known as the Challenger Learning Center of Vermont, Inc. (CLC/VT) since 2010 is now known as the STEM Challenge Initiative, Inc. abbreviated as SCI. The goal of the CLC/VT board was to build and sustain a Challenger Learning Center in the state of Vermont. That goal will no longer be supported by the new board.

The goal of the SCI board is to provide affordable and meaningful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational opportunities for the communities in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties. These opportunities may take the form of providing support for after school or summer school programs, grants to schools and other educational organizations, and develop relationships to further STEM education that will meet the needs of regional business. The thrust of the organization remains the same- provide high-quality STEM education to the youth of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.

Website: STEM Challenge Initiative

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