Staff, Board Members & Committees


Tim Smith

Tim Smith

Executive Director

Amy Kimball

Amy Kimball

Administrative Assistant and Corporate Secretary

Elisabeth Nance

Elisabeth Nance

Economic Development Coordinator

FY’24 FCIDC Board of Directors

Mark Lareau


Owner, Lareau Appraisal Service
Residence, St. Albans Town

Kevin Manahan

Vice Chair

CPA Partner, A.M. Peisch & Company (Retired)
Residence, St. Albans Town

Leon Berthiaume


Senior Advisor, Dairy Farmers of America
Residence, St. Albans Town

Evan Branon

Branon Family Maple Orchards
Residence, Fairfield

Maureen Brown

General Manager, Hampton Inn, St. Albans
Residence, St. Albans Town

Patrick Calecas

Commercial Loan Officer, Community Bank, South Burlington
Residence, Montgomery

Coleen Condon

Owner, Franklin County Rehab
Residence, St. Albans Town

Andrew Crossman

Retired, Pfizer
Residence, St. Albans Bay

Lisa Durocher

Assistant Director,

Northwest Career and Tech Center
Residence, Fairfax

Liz Gamache

United Way of Northwest Vermont
Residence, St. Albans City

Jess Graff

Associate Director, Franklin Grand Isle Community Action, a division of CVOEO
Residence, Fletcher

John Hango

VP Technical Operations, Imunon Inc.
Residence, Berkshire

Leilani King

Supply Chain Team Member,
Beta Technologies
Residence, Burlington

Kathy Lavoie

Special Projects for Economic Recovery (CARES Act),
Northwest Regional Planning Commission
Residence, Swanton

Michael O'Brien

Retired Director of Operations, VT Gas Systems
Residence, Fletcher


Dean Pelkey

Vice President, National Financial Firm
Residence, St. Albans City

Carl Rosenquist

Retired from Wyeth
Residence, Georgia

Rebecca (Becky) Stebbins

AVP – Commercial Loan Officer, Union Bank
Residence, Enosburg Falls

FCIDC Committees

Personnel and Nominating Committee – Maureen Brown, Chair

  • Reviews and selects individuals for the Board of Directors
  • Conducts an annual review with those directors up for renewal
  • Conducts periodic employee assessments
  • Selects annual Business and Individual awards
  • Conducts yearly board review of the Executive Director


Loan Committee – Kevin Manahan, Chair

  • Reviews all loan or grant requests that come before the corporation




Finance Committee – Leon Berthiaume, Chair

  • Reviews all investments, including purchases of land, buildings, equipment, and gifts
  • Reviews statements of internal financial documents and annual audits


Workforce Development Committee – Andy Crossman, Chair

  • Serves as a network integrator to address regional workforce development challenges


Development & Operations Committee – Mike O’Brien, Chair

  • Identifies and recommends key sites for acquisition and development
  • Assesses systems to manage lands and buildings that are available to the corporation
  • Provides insight into the use of a development fund used exclusively for a municipality’s development of land and infrastructure


Government & Community Affairs Committee – Leon Berthiaume, Chair

  • Reviews and responds to local, state, and federal legislative issues
  • Provides oversight on marketing and community outreach
  • Monitors projects that have a broad regional effect


Strategic Planning Committee – Andy Crossman, Chair

  • Oversees implementation of objectives and goals derived from 2021-2022 Strategic Planning process


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