Strategic Plan

Formed in August 1971, FCIDC recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  It also seemed like a good idea to review our past and plan for the future.  Spurred by the pandemic FCIDC has seen an expansion of its focus.  FCIDC will continue to support job creation and retention in the manufacturing sector but recognizes that municipalities, small businesses, and sole proprietors in the region may be lacking resources or connections to best help them succeed in these challenging and ever-changing times.

In the fall of 2021, FCIDC began a strategic planning process we’ve termed “The Next 50 Years.”  Guided by a consultant, the FCIDC Board of Directors formed a sub-committee to lead the process.  FCIDC hosted discussion panels that covered myriad topics, including: energy: education: technical education and adult education; manufacturing; housing; agriculture and dairy; healthcare and eldercare; social justice and human services; hospitality; and rural economic development, small businesses and municipalities.  We also invited a group of young professionals to get their perspective on quality of life and professional issues.

After several rounds of discussions, and with the assistance of the consultants, FCIDC adopted a new strategic plan and a new mission statement:  FCIDC is a catalyst for regional economic progress through a community approach​.

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