Eclipse Glasses USA, a leading provider of high-quality eclipse glasses, understands the importance of this event and the need for proper eye protection. With a commitment to not only providing the best products but also to making a positive impact in the world, they have initiated a donation program. This program is designed to ensure that as many people as possible, especially school children in countries with limited resources, can safely experience the wonder of a solar eclipse.

Eclipse Glasses USA invites individuals and organizations to donate their used eclipse glasses so that they can be repurposed for future eclipse events in other parts of the world.  One of the primary beneficiaries of this initiative are school children in countries that might not have easy access to eclipse glasses. By redistributing these glasses, Eclipse Glasses USA hopes to provide educational institutions with the tools they need to offer their students a safe and enlightening eclipse viewing experience.

For the safety of the recipients, it’s crucial that the glasses are undamaged. This means no scratches, punctures, tears, or any other form of damage that might compromise the protective quality of the glasses.

Please mail your undamaged eclipse glasses to:

Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC
P.O. Box 50571
Provo, Utah, 84605

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